38 Weeks Pregnant

Well what an interesting week it’s been! I’ve been monitoring my blood pressure from home and it’s been pretty high. I had a scheduled Dr.’s appt. for Wednesday but called the Dr.’s office on Monday to let them know my numbers. They had me come in on Tuesday morning. My Dr. told me that I needed to stop working and if my diastolic number got over 100 to call labor and delivery. Well sure enough later that day my blood pressure hit 151/101. I called the Dr.’s office to see if I really needed to call labor and delivery and they said yes.

I went with my husband to the hospital and was monitored for about 2-3 hours. They checked the baby’s heartbeat the entire time to make sure that he wasn’t under any stress. My blood pressure ended up stabilizing but the Dr. that was on call said I should go to the hospital twice a week for fetal monitoring. So, on Thursday I had another Dr.’s appt. She said that because I was doing the fetal monitoring I only needed to come in on Wednesday the next week rather than see her twice a week. She also said that she might decide to induce me on Wednesday. (I’m really hoping that she does!)

After my Dr.’s appt. I went to the hospital for fetal monitoring. They watched my blood pressure and the baby’s heartbeat for about 30 minutes. They also gave me an ultrasound to check how much amniotic fluid etc. was left. Ethan was sucking his thumb which was pretty cute and also practice breathing. I haven’t heard otherwise and today is Sunday, so I think everything looked pretty good. I have another fetal monitoring appt. on Monday so will keep you posted.

As far as symptoms, I think I’ve been having contractions. Not Braxton Hicks but the real ones. My stomach for the past 2 nights has been feeling like I have moderate period cramps. I’ve also had an upset stomach for the past 2 days. I’m not sure if it’s something I ate or signs that labor is near. From some reading online it looks like it might be a sign that labor is on its way! It would be great if I went into labor naturally rather than being induced.

My husband put together the dresser we bought for the nursery and a bookshelf so I’m finally getting the nursery in order. Things are falling into place and I feel like we are just about ready to welcome Ethan into the world.

37 Weeks Pregnant

Ethan is finally considered full-term which is pretty exciting! Unfortunately though my 37th week has gotten off to a bit of a rocky start. I’m feeling pretty good for the most part but my blood pressure has been really high. I’ve been tracking it for the past few days. I called my Dr. to let her know it hadn’t been great and she had me come in today. She did an exam (I’m still 1cm dilated and 50% effaced) and told me that if my bottom blood pressure number went to 100 to call labor and delivery. I was at work today and my blood pressure was 151 over 101. So, I called labor and delivery and my husband and I headed to the hospital. They kept me under observation for a couple of hours. My blood pressure returned to normal levels and Ethan’s stats were good. The Dr. that was on call at the hospital signed me up for fetal monitoring twice a week, just to be safe. I’ll go in for that on Thursday and have another Dr’s appt. on Thursday as well. I’ll keep you posted. My Dr. also told me that I shouldn’t be working so I’m going to start working from home hopefully tomorrow. Well that’s all for now, I’ll post again soon.

36 Weeks Pregnant

Only 1 week until Ethan is full-term and 4 weeks until his due date. I am really over being pregnant now. Because Ethan is bigger it hurts when he moves around. Today I’m feeling him in my ribs and I actually feel a bit of numbness there too. It feels like my foot fell asleep, but in my ribs. I just googled it and it appears to be normal… For the most part my energy levels are good, but this evening I’m feeling pretty pooped! I was having a lot of lower back pain so I went to the chiropractor yesterday. It helped a lot. If you’re pregnant with lower back pain I would really recommend seeing a chiropractor. It’s also supposed to help you have an easier/shorter delivery. I guess I’ll find out in a few weeks if that’s true. I have another chiro. appt. scheduled for Monday. My next Dr’s visit is tomorrow so that should be interesting. I look forward to finding out if I’m more dilated, effaced etc. Well, that’s all for now. I got a new computer and can’t figure out how to post my weekly pictures so hopefully I’ll figure that out soon.