36 Weeks Pregnant

Only 1 week until Ethan is full-term and 4 weeks until his due date. I am really over being pregnant now. Because Ethan is bigger it hurts when he moves around. Today I’m feeling him in my ribs and I actually feel a bit of numbness there too. It feels like my foot fell asleep, but in my ribs. I just googled it and it appears to be normal… For the most part my energy levels are good, but this evening I’m feeling pretty pooped! I was having a lot of lower back pain so I went to the chiropractor yesterday. It helped a lot. If you’re pregnant with lower back pain I would really recommend seeing a chiropractor. It’s also supposed to help you have an easier/shorter delivery. I guess I’ll find out in a few weeks if that’s true. I have another chiro. appt. scheduled for Monday. My next Dr’s visit is tomorrow so that should be interesting. I look forward to finding out if I’m more dilated, effaced etc. Well, that’s all for now. I got a new computer and can’t figure out how to post my weekly pictures so hopefully I’ll figure that out soon.


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