We leave for Portugal in 3 days!

Well, we leave for Portugal in 3 days. I am so excited and still anxious. I looked at our booking with British Air today and it seems as though we have locked in the baby cot! Thank goodness! I looked up a picture online and it’s pretty cool. Ethan can take a nice 10 hour nap in it πŸ™‚ I found a really cool blog “baby jetsetter“. It’s got tips for traveling with baby.

We had a very short trip to Fresno this weekend. We went to see Grandpa Bob who had quadruple bypass surgery last week. He’s not feeling great but the surgery went really well and he should have a good recovery.

New in Ethan news, Ethan’s little tooth is about a quarter of the way up.Β He has also mastered the art of rolling. He can get where ever he wants to go very quickly. Sadly, he has rolled off the bed twice. I think we’ve learned our lesson 😦 Thankfully, he was a-ok after each fall. I haven’t posted pics in awhile, so here is a cute one of the munchkin and I in San Jose in July.

Picture of me and the munchkin

July 2010

Found a neat website on traveling to Portugal with baby.


Some good information and will look into some of the places suggested. Update on little man’s tooth, yesterday I couldn’t feel it but could see it. Today… it’s poking through and I can feel it. Thankfully he still seems to be feeling pretty well. Went to a friend’s bridal shower today. It was lot’s of fun. Worked on Saturday so didn’t get to see little man very much. Thankfully next weekend I’ll be around a lot. Granny and Grandpa are coming to visit and Auntie Katrina. Ethan’s in for one fun weekend with all of us πŸ™‚

Baby teeth

I’ve suspected for awhile that Ethan was teething and I was right. As of today you can see 2 little baby teeth in the middle of Ethan’s bottom gums. One of them just cut through the gum and is bleeding a little bit. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to be bothering him. I think we are very close to him crawling. I’d say in less than a week πŸ™‚

Baby Ethan 6 months (plus 13 days)

Well we’ve got a whole new Ethan on our hands. He’s rolling around like a little crazy man to get where he wants to go. He really started rolling about a week ago. If I could guess he will be crawling in a month. He grunts and strains to arch his back up and tries to kick his legs to crawl. It really frustrates him that he can’t.

New sounds he’s making include nanana, dadada, sometimes mama (he’s getting over that one now though). When he laughs it’s hysterical. He cracks up uncontrollably! Ethan thought my 7 year old niece was the funniest things he’d ever seen.

I’ve been feeding him my homemade baby food (sweet potato’s, yellow squash and apples). He doesn’t quite get the whole concept yet. Hopefully soon. It’s a very messy process.

Portugal is approaching quickly. We are leaving in about 3 weeks. I’m feeling pretty good about everything as Ethan is still easy to manage. We still have to plan our entire trip, the only thing we’ve done is buy the plane tickets! I need to figure out what to bring for Ethan. We’re going to sit down this weekend to discuss the details so hopefully I can post more info. about our trip soon. My biggest concerns are car seat, public transportation and formula. It’s going to be a pain to lug around his car seat and I’m not sure what kind of formula I can buy in Portugal.

Ethan is still at home with dad and not in daycare. I’m anxious to see how long we’ll be able to keep that up. Hopefully for quite awhile. I think he’s good company for dad, so I think it might be. He is definitely much more active these days and requires a constant eye as you don’t know where he’s going to roll.

The last couple of days we’ve put on baby einstein for Ethan. He seems to really like it. Actually, anything that involves the TV he loves. I think it must be the sound and lights. He watches a commercial or random show with eyes glued to the screen like he can’t miss a thing.