Ethan 9 months (tomorrow)

This has been quite a week for Ethan. Jarrod went to check on him a couple of days ago in his crib, and Ethan had pulled himself up and was standing in his crib, peeking over the top! He is apparently still creeping, but he may as well be crawling. He is really quick and is creeping/crawling all over the place. He gets up in the crawling position on all 4s and also gets himself up to sit on his knees. He has also started clapping which is so adorable.

He had a Dr.’s appt. this week to get his HB and PIC shots. He weighed 18 lbs 6 oz and was 29 inches long. His 2 teeth are almost all the way out. They are so cute! I think he’s got more on the way. His bottom gums seem to be swollen and he’s cranky.Typically Ethan takes 2 naps a day around 10 and 2 but this week he’s decided that he doesn’t like naps anymore… It’s torture to get him to fall asleep. He will only fall asleep once he’s past the point of exhaustion.

Tonight I had to google, “how to get baby poop off carpet”, never thought I’d do that… The next great part is that I had to sniff the carpet to find out where it was. Ethan had been crawling around all over the place before I picked him up in his poop soaked PJ’s.

Well that’s all for now. Here’s a cute pic of my lil guy at his first trip to the pumpkin patch. 



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