Ethan 14 months


14 month old baby boy

Today is Ethan’s 14 month birthday! He is really trying to figure out the world, how we react to tantrums etc. The last couple of days have been full of tantrums. It’s hard to know what to do about them. Today I chose to ignore them, hopefully that’s the right thing to do.

Ethan is getting around really well now. This morning I went up to him with clothes and fresh diaper to change him and he ran away from me. It took me a little while to catch him. When I tried to pick him up, his arms went limp. He is extremely independent and doesn’t like being restricted.

He has also become really difficult to take to restaurants. I avoid it if at all possible. He doesn’t last too long in the high chair before having a full on tantrum. Toys aren’t worth the hassle to bring, because as soon as he has them in his hand, he throws them. Then I spend the rest of the meal picking them up.

On a more positive note, he really is so adorable. He is constantly cracking Jarrod and I up. He is talking jiberish like crazy, very observant and copies everything we do. He has been putting my cell phone up to his ear and points the remote at the TV. He loves when he gets the channel to change. His grandma watched him over the weekend and he was perfect for her. I think he just likes to give us a harder time than anyone else.

If you ask Ethan what the letter “T” says, he will say “ta”. He was doing this a couple of weeks ago, but is really doing it on command now. He will also do all of the following if you ask him to; blow kisses, clap his hands, nod his head yes and dance. He LOVES to dance. He also points at dogs and calls them by name.


13 month baby boy

Gosh what a little character we have on our hands. Ethan is officially walking as of a couple of weeks ago. He ‘toyed’ with walking right after his first birthday, and started walking really well at about 12 3/4 months. This has been accompanied by a black eye and bruise on his chin. He is constantly falling and banging his head into things.

Last weekend we flew to Sacramento to visit my family and Ethan’s great grandma Osborne. Ethan did great on the plane (actually the entire trip). My birthday was the week before, and my mom bought me a balloon which Ethan obsessed over. He carried it around the house the whole time, even took a nap with it once. He called it a boom boom, it was really cute.

The visit with Ethan’s Great Grandma was so special. She has dementia and you could tell it really brightened up her day to meet him and be with him. I know Ethan will look back at the pictures from that visit and cherish them.

We also went on a trip to the zoo with Grandma, cousin Emma and his second cousins, the Cotters. We are always so excited to spend time with them, the day was so much fun. My dad and Patricia had a BBQ at their place and we got to meet Patricia’s daughter, husband and granddaughter.

Ethan really hasn’t gained much weight in the past month. I’m trying to make sure he eats a lot, but not much is happening. His Dr. wasn’t too concerned last time we saw her, but I get worried about it since he’s in the lower percentile. It’s hard to track exactly how much he’s eating, because he likes to feed himself so it gets everywhere. I guess what matters most is that he seems happy and healthy and he is definitely both.

Some of Ethan’s new tricks include, nodding his head yes, saying the “t” and “f” sounds, walking of course and eating a much wider variety of textures and food. Another really cute thing he does is dance! I have got to get it on video and post it on here. On my home from work today I put the rear view mirror on him, and caught him dancing and smiling with his dimples in full effect for a few minutes.

About 2 weeks ago, Ethan’s 7th tooth came out. It’s about a 1/4 of the way up.

We took a trip to The Adventure Plex in Manhattan Beach a few weeks ago with our friends. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the area. It’s $5 for ages 3 and under and it keeps the kiddo’s entertained for a couple of hours. They have a ball pit and other fun activities.

It is so hard to believe that Ethan is over 1 years old. I’m really starting to realize that I need to live in the now and take in all these precious stages. It’s all happening so fast!