Ethan 17 Months today, June 29, 2011


A couple quick updates for Ethan’s 17 month b-day.

– He’s 23.4 lbs still (has been there for awhile)

– 10 teeth, including 2 molars. The molars appeared a few days ago, and were really rough on Ethan coming in.

– Calls his Granny Anne, Ga Ga

– New word is dinosaur, does the hand movements for ‘twinkle twinkle little star’

– If you ask him any question, he answers with ‘no’.

– Stuck his hand in the toilet bowl for the first time today, that was fun!

-About to celebrate his 2nd 4th of July in Bass Lake.

Sick baby

In my last post I mentioned that I wasn’t sure if Ethan was teething, sick etc. Well, turns out he is sick. He has had the runniest nose that you’ve ever seen, cough and fever. We kept him home from daycare Thurs. and Fri. My usually extremely busy wild child has been a cuddler and a tail. I have enjoyed that part of it. It’s 8:20 on Saturday morning and the little guy is still asleep, that never happens! I’m hoping he’s on the mend when he wakes up today.

This is our first weekend home, without plans in awhile! It feels so nice, to feel like I can stay in my PJs all day and be lazy if I wanted to. (Though I know what will really happen is several loads of laundry, clean the house, pick up Ethan’s trail of destruction, errands, etc., etc.)

Jarrod left earlier to go to his old fraternity house where he is the president of their housing corp. and then off to golf, so it will just be the little man and I for awhile.

I had plans of making an omelette this morning and was disappointed to find out that someone had eaten all the eggs. The one day I finally have time to make one and I can’t! I guess that’s murphy’s law right? Maybe tomorrow? I hope so….

I’m hoping to finally have time later today to make a couple of recipes from the cooking class that we took at Prep Kitchen. I’m thinking Cobb Salad and a chicken dish and deviled eggs. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love making deviled eggs. These eggs are a twist with shallots, mushrooms and smoked paprika. I know it sounds a little weird, I thought so too. Turned out they were absolutely delicious!!

I dug up a few pictures on Jarrod’s computer yesterday from our trip in May to San Fran and Mill Valley. Here a a couple of them 🙂 

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June 22 – Ethan 16 Months – Week 3

Jarrod and I have been contemplating schools for Ethan for the past couple of months and have finally made a decision. We are enrolling him at a Montessori in Huntington Beach August 1st. We couldn’t be more excited! Like I’ve mentioned in the past we really like his daycare, but we feel he is ready for more of a ‘school’ environment where he can be challenged and learn to be independent. I’ve been used to the daycare feeding him everyday so anyone with lunch ideas for a 1 1/2 year old, I’m all ears.

I was out of town for a friend’s bachelorette last weekend on Friday and Saturday night. Jarrod and Ethan got a long just fine without me 🙂 While I was there, Jarrod sent me a video of Ethan going down the slide at the park.. This was sort of a big deal for us as it was the first time he climbed up there by himself and went down with no assistance. Not only did he go down on his bottom, but he went down face first on his tummy and every other way you could think of. I’m telling you, this kid has no fear!

Today Ethan has had a really runny nose, sneezes and cough. I’m hoping it’s allergies or teething, but I’m starting to think it might be a cold 😦  We took him to the farmers market and it wasn’t the best trip there we’ve ever had. He pretty much cried the entire time.

We took Ethan to the beach yesterday with a picnic. We stopped by Aroma di Roma on the way home and got him his first gelato. He LOVED it!!! It was so cute (and a giant mess) but it was worth it! He went immediately into the bath when he finished. We are looking forward to being in town this weekend (finally!) so hopefully there will be some more beach time. The weekend after we are heading to Fresno and Bass Lake for the 4th of July weekend.

Don’t know if I mentioned it but Ethan has 1 more tooth for a total of 8 now. His gums look pretty tender so I’m sure there are more on the way soon. He still weighs about 23 1/2 pounds. We are going to the Dr. on July 8th so I should find out what percentile weight/height he falls into.

June 5th 2011

This weekend we went to Lake Arrowhead with my dad and his girlfriend, and her family. Lake Arrowhead is a really beautiful area, we had never been there before. While we were there Ethan grabbed a banana off the counter and said, nana, I had no idea that he knew that word. It was really cute. Another new word this week is bottle. He rolls his tongue on the ‘t’s’.

I mentioned his comprehension in my last post, it’s getting better and better by the day. Jarrod hid a fish under the couch that Ethan had been playing with that was really small. He mentioned to me that the fish was under the couch and the next thing we knew, Ethan was on hands and knees looking for it under there. I guess we’re going to have to be really careful about what we say now.

I mentioned that he had been somersaulting from the back of the couch onto the couch. Today the little daredevil climbed up to the top of the couch and jumped off the back onto the ground. Luckily Jarrod was able to catch him. Hopefully he doesn’t try that again when we’re not around to catch him!

We have taken Ethan to sushi quite a bit, but today he had his first sushi roll. He made the biggest mess with it but really enjoyed it!

We also purchased the ibert child bicycle seat this week and took Ethan on his first bike ride. He really seemed to like it. It will be a nice way for us to get some exercise and enjoy the beautiful Long Beach summer weather.

Jarrod and I are starting a 3 series cooking class tomorrow at Prep Kitchen in Seal Beach. I’m really excited and hope that we pick up some good tips that we can use in our daily cooking. Other than that, it should be a pretty uneventful week which will be nice.