Ethan 18 Months & 1 Week

I love sushi!

The first week of school was not easy but each day became a little easier on Ethan… Not the initial drop-off, but the rest of the day. The school was nice enough to call me the first 2 days to let me know how things were going. By Friday it had set in with him that this is where he’d be every week. As we pulled into the parking lot, he got a pouty lip, like I know what’s going on here… Previously the  emotions and crying had only started when he went from me to the teacher.

The school sent out an email about separation anxiety, and that it’s completely normal and that they expect it. They also sent some tips on dealing with it. Having good bye routines, giving them a reassuring smile as you’re leaving, showing them that you are confident of the care that he’s in.

They are teaching him to drink out of a normal cup right now rather than a sippy cup. They’ve had to change his shirt a couple of times as he still spills all over himself. The school is a binky free zone, so as of today the binky is officially out of commission in our house.

I got into a rhythm with making his lunches. It’s my new nightly routine. I give him 1 meat, 1 veggie, 1 fruit, crackers and cheese. He seems to like it as there is no food or little food left in his lunch box when it comes home.

I know it sounds crazy, but I can already sense a change in him. He is so active while he’s there, and doing fun activities that he comes home just zonked! It makes him a lot more manageable in the evenings, well as manageable as a very busy 18 month old can be.

When I picked him up on Thursday, he gave me an anatomy lesson. He pointed to my eyes, ears, lips and nose and told me what all of them were.

Ethan’s been really into letters lately. He makes the correct sound for quite a few of them. There was a happy birthday sign in the window of a store by our house and he went up to it and said “ha” for the H. I thought that was pretty impressive. Each day he says a couple of new words. I really need to sit down and make a list of all the ones that he knows.

We went to sushi for dinner tonight and he LOVED the ginger, and was saying ginger by the time that we left. He also insisted on his own set of chopsticks, which we gave him and he tried to use them (mostly unsuccessfully) for the whole meal.

I got Ethan’s first full hair cut this week. It’s a little short, but I’m sure it will grow back soon. He was such a good guy! He sat in my lap and had the most serious face on him the whole time. I was very proud of him.

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    Aug 07, 2011 @ 06:34:31

    That’s my smart grandson! I love to hear about all his new antics and all the wonderful things he’s learned.
    Granny ~ GaGa


  2. king4962
    Aug 18, 2011 @ 08:29:41

    Hey, I found your blog browsing and I have a quick question! If you could possibly email me back at that would be great 🙂


  3. Debby
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 23:34:28



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