20 months today

So little man is 20 months today. I can’t believe that he’s closer to 2 than he is to 1! I know it’s so cliche, but it amazes me at how fast the time goes.

So there are definitely some new developments in the past few weeks…

Jarrod and I are going to start having to talk in code because half the time Ethan understands what we’re talking about. A couple of examples: I told Jarrod last night that I was going to cut up some strawberries for dessert. Ethan ran into the kitchen, stood by the fridge, jumped up and down saying “strawberries, strawberries”.

After dinner that same night I asked Jarrod if he’d give Ethan a bath… well after Ethan heard that, he got really excited once again, ran to the bathroom and hung on the door saying, “bath, bath”.

Ethan loves “choo choo trains” and cars. He has one “Cars” shirt and one Thomas the Train shirt. When we try to take them off, to put on PJs or put him into the bath, he has a meltdown. He wore his Thomas the Train shirt today, and he’s sleeping in it it now because he wouldn’t let me take it off. I’m hoping that it comes off without a fight tomorrow morning, but most likely not.

The past month, Ethan has started up with his separation anxiety again. It’s so sad to drop him off at school because he has a huge meltdown and holds onto me tight. I’m hoping it gets better soon… He’s also been having a really hard time going to sleep. It’s a huge tantrum every time we put him down.

Ethan pooped in the bathtub for the first time this week, and also on the kitchen floor. That was fun…

Well I could go on and on, so that’s all for now.
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19 1/2 months September 13

Here are some cute things Ethan has done this week

1.He waves his hands at imaginary flies. It’s that time of year again when the flies are everywhere! The past few days I’ve been swatting fly’s with my arms. Ethan doesn’t realize what I’m doing, so he will just randomly wave his arms around in the funniest motion thinking it’s something normal that people do.

2. A couple of days ago we were reading a book that showed a cow eating corn, Ethan ran into the kitchen and started saying “corn” “corn”. We didn’t have any and I felt bad, he started crying because he REALLY wanted some.

3. Β He says 95% of the sounds of the alphabet and he recognizes some letters.

4. It’s football season and Ethan loves it. He holds a football during the games and he slept with one the other night. When I came in to wake him up in the morning, he woke up, picked up the football and threw it to me. He calls the football apball.

5. We finally took his crib apart and made it a big boy bed. He’s doing great in it and hasn’t been getting out once he’s in.

I took Ethan to get some shots today, he’s a little bit behind on them because I’ve been doing an alternative vaccination method. He weighs 25 lbs and is 32″ tall. He was a little trooper and got a lollypop for his efforts.

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September 10 – 19 1/2 months

It’s been busy, busy as usual over at our house. This is our first weekend in quite sometime with no plans what-so-ever! It’s been really nice πŸ™‚ Last weekend we were in Fresno to meet our new niece, she’s adorable! And Wednesday began the first week of the new school year at Ethan’s pre-school.

He’s in a new classroom, with a bit of a new routine so it was a little bit of adjustment for him once again. Wednesday, and Thursday were tough for him when I dropped him off, but Friday went really well. His school had an ice-cream social on Friday so we picked up up early to join him at that. It was pretty cute.

So what’s new with Ethan… I’m sure there is a new word or two, but I can’t think of what they may be right now….

I’ve got a crock-pot concoction going right now. Chicken thighs with white beans and potatoes. I’m not a very good impromptu chef, so we will find out in about 45 minutes if it’s edible or not. I sure hope it is because I’m starving right now!