April 15, 2012 24 Weeks pregnant, Ethan 26 months

It has been over a month since my last post, I guess that means we’ve been busy!

Here are some highlights – My sister and niece came to town in the beginning of March. We took the kids to Hollywood, Santa Monica and the LA Farmer’s Market. We had lots of fun though we didn’t have any “star sightings” that my 9-year-old niece had hoped for.

Ethan had his first official trip to the snow. We went to Shaver Lake with the family and got over 4 feet of snow in 2 days! It was a great trip. I didn’t get to ski since I was pregnant, which worked out pretty well since I’m a “warm weather” skier and it was so snowy and cold outside.

Ethan caught hand foot and mouth disease which was AWFUL!!! He missed almost 2 weeks of school and 3 weeks later his skin is still peeling. If you’re not familiar with it, it looks like the measles mixed with the chicken pox on your hands, feet & mouth (and inside your mouth).

When I dropped him at school on Monday morning he seemed perfect and was in a great mood! We got a call from the school when I was on my way to pick him up for the day that he was sick and not himself. When I picked him up  he was slumped over in a chair in the office with no energy and had a 102  degree fever.  It was so sad, I felt so bad for him. The teachers mentioned that he had been fine all day too, except for that last hour. As soon as I picked him up I took him to the doctor and they diagnosed him with a double ear infection.

We kept him home for a day and planned to take him back to school the next day. After dropping him off in his classroom on Wednesday, I went to sign him in and saw that he was exposed to hand foot and mouth. I had noticed a rash by his mouth and had just assumed that it was a heat rash from his fever, not so. I went back to his class, picked him up and went back to the doctor. Sure enough, he had it.

We were fortunate that my mom could fly down for a week to watch Ethan as Jarrod and I couldn’t take the time off of work. The first few days that the blisters popped up, Ethan’s feet were so sore that he couldn’t walk. He would motion to be picked up and then point to where he wanted to go. The poor little guy. Sleeping was tough for the first couple of days too, he basically stayed awake for 48 hours because he was so uncomfortable. So glad he’s over that illness and hoping that we are in the clear for quite a while!

On to Easter! Easter was a really fun day! We planned to go to the 9:00 service at church and unfortunately didn’t get ready in time  😦 I was really bummed about that, but sometimes you just have to role with the punches. The Easter bunny came to the house and Ethan went on a hunt in the backyard. Right after that, we went to brunch at the aquarium, which was fantastic! I would highly recommend it! Then we visited the aquarium for an hour or 2, stopped by Shoreline Village to see the Easter bunny & ride the carousel, and went home. Later that day our good friend’s Natalie and Dave joined us for a delicious dinner.

I forgot to mention that I went to Vegas on Friday night for my friend’s bachelorette party and came home Saturday morning. It was really fun to celebrate Abbi and I came home a big winner, $200 richer! My father in-law was in town with us and on Saturday night we went to San Pedro to the Ports o call for some fish and lobster. If you haven’t been there in a while, I’d highly recommend it! It’s fantastic and a perfect place to go with a toddler as it’s noisy and they can just run around.

On to what Ethan’s been up to. For the past month he has been singing his abc’s from start to finish. He’s been singing lots of things actually, monkeys jumping on the bed, Old McDonald, The Wheels on the bus, Jingle Bells and numerous show theme songs. He’s also mastered counting and almost always counts from 1-10 consecutively. He knows most sounds of the abc’s and will say ‘d’ for dad, ‘t’ for tiger, ‘r’ for raccoon etc. He also comes to his own assumptions. If he see’s us walk out of the bathroom he’ll say, “oh, did you just go potty?” If he’s in the room with you, he’ll say “I’ll be right back”, leave and then come right back. Some other common phrases are “I wanna go go outside”, “I wanna go to the aquarium, lego land, the aquarium etc.”, and “lemme do it”. While my mom was here she taught him the names of lots of flowers. His favorite is the bird of paradise and he points it out wherever we go.

He still loves to go on bike rides. We went on one earlier this morning and I’m sure it was the highlight of his day. He also likes threading. We have some kid spools and threads, and he will thread the spools on the thread for quite awhile. He loves to pour his own water and is getting really good at it. Jarrod’s been having him make coffee in the morning. He sits up on the counter, opens up the jar of coffee beans. Opens the lid to the grinder, counts out 4 scoops, puts the lid back on the grinder, slides the counter to 4 cups and pushes the grinder button on. It’s pretty impressive 🙂

We’ve still been struggling with nap time. I can’t figure out what it is, but every day is a struggle. We never give in so I’m not sure why he feels the need to fight it, I guess the only answer is that he’s 2! Other than the typical 2 year old tantrum a few times a week he’s been a really good and sweet little boy. 2 is hard work, but a really fun age!

On to me… The pregnancy is still going well. I’m 24 weeks and had my 20 week ultrasound last week. Everything is developing normally and little miss Stella is right on track for her August 4th arrival! We are getting so excited to meet her but also enjoying the quiet before the storm. It’s going to be one very lively house once she arrives! I’ve gained 12 lbs so far, I think about the same as last time. The one thing I’ve been dealing with this past week is a flareup from my ulcerative colitis. Not fun, but I think it seems to be calming down a bit now.

Well I have a little snoring baby cuddled up next to me (he got up from his nap a little while ago and nestled into me to fall back asleep) and typing one handed is proving to be difficult so I’m going to quit for the day. Hope to have some more posts soon 🙂