Welcome Stella! Chaos at the Osbornes!

Welcome Stella! July 21, 2012

Ethan & Stella

Brother & Sister Love


Stella 2 months, Sept. 21, 2012

August 8, 2012
Stella has been with us now 2 1/2 weeks. She is the most precious & sweet baby. We are so blessed and I just love her to pieces. I still have to pinch myself that I now have my little girl 🙂 I had her at 38 weeks on the dot. I was very glad she was early as I wasn’t feeling well the last week of my pregnancy and I could not wait to meet her! I felt so uncomfortable those last few weeks! The first night at home after having Stella, laying in my bed I felt so great. No longer did I need 10 pillows around my body to try to feel comfortable. I felt such a great sense of relief to have my body back, I felt so comfortable!

I couldn’t have asked for a better labor. Everything moved right along, I got my epidural early on, and I never felt any pain, I was just uncomfortable. After my first push, the nurses called the dr. as she was ready to come out. A few pushes later, she was here.

I woke up around 2:45 July 21st with contractions. They stayed consistent, every 5 minutes for 2 hours, so I knew this must be the real thing. Jarrod wasn’t as convinced as me and he told me I should try to sleep, that I’d just have to sit around the hospital if I left then. I wasn’t having that, so I decided to drive myself to the hospital. Everyone had mentioned that the 2nd delivery is much quicker than the first, and I didn’t want to take any chances. When I arrived at the hospital, there was another lady with me in the elevator. She was buckled over in pain, and I was standing there very calmly. I thought to myself… maybe Jarrod was right… maybe I’m not in labor.

Well, turned out I was right. They admitted me right after I got there, I was 3cm dilated. I called Jarrod, told him I had been admitted and that I was going to get my epidural soon. He still tried to talk me out of the fact that I was in labor! He was afraid that they were going to give me the epidural, I wasn’t ready, and I would be in for a long hard labor. At this point it was almost 6am and I told him he needed to get himself and Ethan ready and head over to the hospital.

They arrived around 9am. Ethan came with iPad in tow, and that kept him occupied for the rest of my labor. I had called my mom near 6am and she was able to book a ticket and got to the hospital around 11:00. She and Ethan left to grab lunch, and while they were gone, I was ready to deliver. When they got back from their lunch, Stella had arrived! She was 6lbs, 20″. I think she will be tall and skinny as her fingers, toes, arms and legs are just that!

Ethan has been great with his sister. He is very loving towards her, gives her kisses etc. Unfortunately, his behavior to everyone else has been a roller coaster. We are dealing with tantrums, talking back, scratching & kicking.

September 21, Stella 2 months today

Well I clearly didn’t finish my last post. I will do my best to recount the past 2 months – they have been busy to say the least!

4 days after Stella was born, we closed escrow on our first home! Everything always happens at once right? As hectic as it is/was, it definitely worked out for the best. We have ended up in a full remodel and had I been at work while it was all going on, it would have been really tough.

Stella has been the biggest trooper. She has been on many trips to the hardware store, tile mile in Anaheim, paint store etc. She was a very sleepy baby up until about a week ago (which worked out really well for all of the errands)!

She literally would only wake up only to eat. This past week she has finally come to life and is starting to show her personality. She has begun to smile, which literally melts my heart! and she is enjoying interacting with us now. loves to be tickled and talked to. She also loves to be held. If she is awake, she wants your 100% attention.

I’m very proud of myself that she has been fed 99.5% breastmilk so far (she had 1 oz of formula in the hospital :)). Considering my struggle that I had feeding Ethan, this is quite an accomplishment for me! I do however mostly pump, I find it to be more convenient. Also, it took her a few weeks to figure out how to latch on, so bottles were much easier from the start. Before we started bottles, we tried syringe feeding too which was a pain. I take the breastfeeding day by day, and will continue to do it as long as it feels right. It could be tomorrow, a week from now, 2 months from now that I stop. I will just do what feels right for me and for Stella. Like I said, I’m just happy that I’ve made it this far.

After 9 weeks of maternity leave, I’m going back to work on Monday. It is bittersweet this time around. It will be nice to get back in the swing of things, and I love my job, but it will be so hard to leave Stella. This is new for me because when I went back to work with Ethan, I couldn’t wait to go back. I think second time around, things are a lot easier, I have been able to enjoy Stella more. With Ethan I was very overwhelmed and stressed out. Not his fault obviously, but a huge shift in our life with the first child.

Stella will be attending the same school as Ethan in their brand new infant program. It will be really nice to have them in the same place. I just got off the phone with the school, and she will have her yearbook picture taken on Tuesday. Too much! They only take them at 12 weeks, so Stella will be at home, part time with dad, part time with a nanny for those 3 weeks.

Having 2 kids is definitely a new challenge. We have been fortunate that for the most part we have been 2 on 2. There has only been a few times when there has been only 1 of us with both kids. 1 on 2 is tough (in my opinion). If I am tending to Ethan, it usually never fails that Stella needs something at the same time too. Poor girl has had to cry for a few minutes a couple of times (which breaks my heart), because you can’t help 2 at once. A couple of weeks ago Ethan was throwing a huge fit and Stella was crying. I told Jarrod that I felt like I was in a scene from a movie. We both just laughed, it’s really all you can do.

I mentioned at the beginning of the post that Ethan had been having a tough time. Poor guy got very out of his routine for the first few weeks Stella was here. He was in the middle of summer school, which meant different teachers and not so structured, granny was here watching him, with her new routines, all on top of the fact that he had a brand new sister. Then a couple of weeks later, we moved into our new house, which is/was total chaos.

We walked by our old street a couple of days ago and Ethan started pointing and crying that he wanted to go to the old house. Poor guy thought that if we went there, everything would be just like it was before we left.

It’s not only a new house we are living in, but like I mentioned it’s a construction zone. That means that we have all been living in the master bedroom. All his toys and many of his clothes are still in boxes because there is nowhere to unpack them. You have to imagine, if it’s chaotic for us, it’s a million times worse for him. At 2,he doesn’t know how to express his feelings. In turn, it affects his behavior causing him to be aggressive, mischievous etc. Kids need structure, and to feel some sense of control in their environment, and he’s had neither.

His behavior (minus a 2 year old outburst here or there) has been much improved.I’m hoping as the house gets closer to completion, and routines are rebuilt, his behavior becomes even more consistent.

Our house is everything we had been looking for. It’s right next to Marine Stadium, which means we are right next to a huge park and the water. That definitely makes up for the fact that we don’t have much outdoor area on our property. The house is 4 bedrooms, which was a must for Jarrod’s home office and comfortable accommodations for our many visitors. We are also in the school district we wanted to be in! All around, we really couldn’t have asked for anything else. We plan to live here pretty much forever. We are feeling very grateful and very blessed. Life is good!

Individual updates:

Ethan, is trying to use “because”. He tells me he doesn’t want to do something because he doesn’t want to do something. He sings along to “Call me maybe”, he breaks out in hilarious dance moves every time he hears music, starting to ask “why” and figure out the world, says his favorite food is mac n cheese, and will soon be moving up to the big kids class at school.

Stella, does not love binkys, is just making the transition from 3oz to 4oz bottles, wakes up around 2 and 5am to feed (looking forward to eliminating that 2am feed) and is a feisty little thing. She’s happy most of the time, but is not shy about throwing a fit at the drop of a hat. She went on her first road trip 3 weeks ago, and got to meet her grandma Ida Priscilla who she’s named after.

One last note, I gained about 25lbs while I was pregnant. Well, a miracle happened and almost 9 weeks later, I have 3lbs to go until I’m back at my pre-pregnancy weight. I can attribute it to 2 things. First off genes, I’m really fortunate that way. 2nd, while pregnant and breastfeeding, I don’t eat more than I normally would. It definitely doesn’t mean I don’t treat myself, but everything in moderation.

Well, chances are it will be awhile until my next post. So until then…