Stella 4 months next week

Well life is still crazy over here which is the reason for my lack of posts.

Just a quick post with a few of Stella’s new tricks.

She was pretty sleepy and didn’t do much more than smile, try to stand on her legs and grasp about 2 weeks ago. As of this week she is blowing raspberries, picking up toys and playing with/chewing on them, smiling and laughing nonstop, chewing on her hands and trying to grab her toes.

Her neck is finally strong enough to ride on the buggy with her friends at school and they go on walks around the campus. One of her favorite things to do at school is to hang out in front of the mirrors.

Ethan is also up to some pretty cute tricks. He’s getting to be such a big boy! Look out for a post about him soon.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!