Ethan 8 1/2 Months, My Sick Baby…

This has been a very rough week… Well, last couple of weeks. Ethan started having diarrhea about 2 weeks ago. I took him to the Dr. and she had me stop feeding him solids, give him pedialyte and switch to soy formula. Well, after a couple of days on that regimen, he got really constipated. It was almost worse than him having diarrhea. It was so painful for him. I figured, since the diarrhea was gone, I’d start him back on his normal diet.

Well, then he got diarrhea again. Then a couple days after that, he got constipated again! I came home from work a few days later and Ethan was so hot and his cheeks were bright red. I took his temperature and it was 103! I freaked out and took him straight to the after hours Dr.. They had to put wet rags on him and had me take his clothes off to cool him down. It was really scary, he was crying and looked like he was in pain, so I started crying. The Dr. was an idiot, she was really mean and not helpful at all. We were able to get his fever to come down after the cooling methods and tylenol.

She told me his ears and throat were a little red. She prescribed him antibiotics, not really telling me anything else. The next day, he still had a small fever so I stayed home with him. The following day, he seemed okay again so I took him to daycare. He woke up the next morning screaming and tired. Jarrod fed him, he barely ate and then went back to bed. He pretty much slept the entire day and had diarrhea again. When I got home from work, he looked terrible. He was so pale, freezing cold, eyes rolling back in his head tired. Jarrod had just made him a bottle, so I tried feeding it to him. He had about 1 oz of formula, and looked really out of it. He then vomited, A LOT! It was all over me, the couch, my computer and the carpet.

I just felt that something was really not right, so I headed back to the Dr. By the time we got to the Dr., Ethan looked a lot better. I think vomiting helped. He was awake, interacting with people etc. The Dr. I met with was a million times nicer than the other Dr. I saw. She told me that the other Dr. had diagnosed him with an ear infection (that’s why she gave him the antibiotics) but that he did not have an ear infection and did not need to take the antibiotics. She told me that she wasn’t too worried and that he most likely had a viral infection (the flu).

Yesterday he slept a bit more than normal, but seemed mostly okay. Today, he has a mild fever again and is currently taking what is so far a 3 hour nap. I just hope the little man is feeling better soon. It is awful to see your baby so sick.