Ethan 15 months

As can be expected it’s been an eventful month in our household! It doesn’t seem possible but Ethan keeps getting busier and busier! He is so much fun to watch and is constantly learning something new everyday! His newest cutest word is “kitty cat”. If you weren’t his mom you would have no idea what he was saying but it is SO CUTE! He is still saying thank you, saying mom-ma, over and over again, and pointing me out in photos. It melts my heart.

Where ever we may be walking; down the street, the grocery store, when he passes people he blows them kisses. He is such a sweet natured little guy. My mom and step-dad came to Long Beach cinco de Mayo weekend, and we left for a friend’s wedding in Cabo. It was such a nice break! It was such a weird feeling to not have the responsibility of our baby guy for 5 days.(I know I sound like a mean mommy, but it was a nice rest, and I got to appreciate him even more when we returned). He was in great hands! My mom and step-dad really enjoyed their time with him. Granny was a good influence as she got him accustomed to working on a mat with his toys and got him to bed at 7:30 every night. We were putting him to sleep after 9 before our trip, and a couple weeks later are putting him to sleep at 8:00-8:30.

While my mom was visiting I had her look into schools for me. She owns a Montessori school in the Sacramento area, so there is no one more qualified to do that. She was really disappointed in the options in Long Beach. She visited a Montessori school in Huntington Beach, that she really liked. We really liked it too when we did a followup visit after she left.

I really want to give Ethan the best, so we are really considering making the drive and paying the extra money. It’ll tack on a lot of extra time everyday but I think it will be worth it.

My son is a daredevil! While my mom was visiting he climbed on the weight bench behind our couch and did a somersault for the first time. Today he did it probably 20 times in a row. Jarrod got a video of it, which is HILARIOUS! The video is 8 minutes long and it’s just him doing a somersault, climing off the couch, running back behind the couch and doing it all over again. As soon as he loads it on his computer I’ll post a link.

Last weekend we did a trip to Mill Valley in the Bay area. We visited our family there who have a son that is just 2 months older than Ethan. The two got along really well! It was so cute to see their interaction and parallel play.  Ethan was a champ on the plane. A little restless at first on both flights, but the people sitting in front of us told us that they didn’t know he was there. On our flight home it was really cute. There were a few people that recognized Ethan as the little guy blowing kisses to everyone as we got off the plane when we arrived in Oakland. He made several friends in the shuttle to get the rental car too 🙂

Product recommendation. We had purchased the Kelty Kids Backpack for our Portugal trip. Jarrod liked it, but it was way too heavy for me to carry. We exchanged it for the Ergo Baby carrier at REI. And I am so glad that we did. It’s really lightweight and makes it easy to carry your little one/ not so little one. It goes up to 45 lbs I believe.

Surprisingly no new teeth yet, though I think he’s been teething for the past couple of weeks, and expect some new ones to pop up soon. I think Ethan has finally cracked the 22 lb mark. He is still fitting pretty well in his 12 month clothes, though I think we’ll be making the transition to 18 month soon.

We got Ethan some really cute, comfortable looking shoes, see kai run. I would definitely recommend them for his age. I’ve had trouble finding him good shoes. I picked them up at Meggie Lou and Brother’s Too, In Long Beach. The lady there, is very helpful and knows a lot about all the brands.

Ethan is unfortunately in a biting stage. He got mad at me the other day and bit my finger 😦 Not loving this stage. He may have gotten it from another boy at daycare who bit his forehead earlier that day….


One of my friends who recently had a baby boy told me about Their prices (from what I have seen) are more competitive than any other place I’ve shopped. They have almost everything, you can even do your registry with them. If you spend over $49 shipping is free and the items are delivered in 2 days.

I made my first purchase with them today (Saturday)  everything is supposed to be delivered by Monday for free. They had a bunch of coupon codes on their website, so everything I purchased was 10% off, I got $5 off my order and there was a $2 off coupon for the diapers.

They also have a referral program. My referral code is LXLL5040. If someone enters my code for their first purchase, they’ll get $10 off their first order of diapers. I get a $1 credit to my account for each referral and $1 credit every time they make a purchse.

They also have a section of green baby items. Everything from organic lotions, detergents to organic toys. I will definitely be making some purchases from this area next time around.

In case you’re curious, here’s what I bought. I think I have almost everything we need!

JJ Cole
JJ Cole 11″ Box – Blue Stripe (Storage Box for the Nursery)
Sealy by Kolcraft
Sealy Naturals – Cotton Crib Mattress Pad
Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags – 50 bags
Moby Wrap – Black
Japanese Weekend
Japanese Weekend Seasonless Wrap Nursing Pajamas – Sky
Desitin Original Diaper Rash Ointment – 16 oz Jar
Lansinoh Brand Lanolin Topical Treatment – 2 oz
Infant Mylicon Drops – Dye Free – 1 oz
Bella B
Bella B Tummy Honey Butter – 4 oz
Pampers Swaddlers Extra Large Case Diapers
Swaddle Me
Summer Infant Swaddle Me Cotton Knit – Blue