Ethan 3 and Stella 7 Months & Ethan 3 1/2 and Stella 13 months

March 19, 2013
When Ethan was 2 I had many mom’s tell me, just wait till he turns 3, it’s really the terrible 3s! The 2s were great, filled with many tough mommy moments so I really didn’t believe them to be true. I didn’t know how that could be possible – Now I do! When mom’s tell you that that, and they will (me included) believe them 🙂

At 3, children are much smarter, more aware of what’s going on around them, and want to do everything by themselves. I know each child is different, but mine happens to be smart, stubborn and independent. What do you think that equation equals? I’ll spell it out for you, Smart + Stubborn + Independent = DIFFICULT 🙂

I’ll run you through a typical day at our house…

Ethan wakes up… “good morning Ethan! How’s my guy?”, “no mom, don’t talk to me…” okay…, I don’t say another word to him until he prompts me. Leaving the house in the morning, I open the door, “no mommy, I wanted to open the door!!” he screams throwing himself on the floor. He has to brush his teeth first, then I can have a turn. Some days, it’s the wrong toothpaste… Some days, I put a bowl out, he wanted to get the bowl, tantrum ensues.
“ok Ethan, time to go.” “no mom, I wanted to watch a show for 3 minutes.” “sorry Ethan, you should have said something, we’re out of time now, it’s time to go”. Tantrum…

Some days it’s really like walking on eggshells, you don’t know what will set him off.

When we get home, he has to ring the doorbell before we open the door. The other day he was asleep in the car, I carried Stella inside the house, went back to the car for him, he woke up, saw the door was open and lost it. I had to close the door, he rang the doorbell, then we could go inside.

September 15, 2013
I wrote the above post about 7 months ago. I’m sad I haven’t been posting much, but it is what it is, we’ve been busy.

We just got back from a trip to Moorea with the family. We traveled with Ethan 3 1/2 and Stella 13 months. Overall we had a great time, but I will have to say, traveling with small children definitely has its challenges.

We took a red eye there and back, Ethan was great because you can pop an iPhone in his hand or put on a movie and he is instantly engaged. Stella was awake for 2-3 hours of the flights and she wanted out of her seat. She kept kicking the seat in front of her and the man that was sitting there kept giving me the evil eye.

We flew Air Tahiti Nui, I was very impressed at how they cater to children. They had activity bags for the older kids, and baby food, diapers, wipes, baby powder etc. for Stella.

Stella has such a sweet personality. She always has a smile on her face. She has walking down pat, can go up and down the stairs and has started trying to jump.

She just started in a new classroom at school and she really seems to be enjoying it. When I picked her up last week she was practicing drinking from a cup, it was very cute! She is also sleeping on a cot at school rather than a crib, and seems to be going well.

She still takes 2 naps a a day, around 10 & 2.

She loves her big brother, anything he says or does makes her laugh.

She says thank you, peek a boo and uh o.

She loves bananas, pasta & strawberries. Anything I’m eating she wants too.

She is very independent and will play by herself for quite long periods of time.
She loves being outdoors.

She is very curious, into every kitchen cupboard and loves to sneak in the bathroom to play in the toilet :/

Stella had her first official swim lesson on Saturday, she is a water baby! She loved half of it and then got tired of being on her back. She will be going every Saturday until she’s a swimmer.

She is Ethan’s twin. Everyone that sees them together mentions it.

Ethan is much improved since my last post. Don’t get me wrong, he still has his moments, but he has really grown up. There is no baby left in the guy.

He and Jarrod go fishing a lot, which he loves.

He just started a new year at school last week. I’m excited to see what he learns this year, he is a smart cookie.

We have him enrolled in music and soccer and he loves both. He seems to be pretty athletic, loves to go to park and play golf and baseball. I’m looking forward to when he’s 4 and can begin little league.

95% of the time Ethan is very sweet to his sister. This morning he heard Stella making noise and said “mom, I’m going to go check on her”, he went to her room and enthusiastically said “good morning Stella! Do you want to get out?” Next thing we knew they were walking hand in hand out of her room. Somehow he managed to get her out of the crib without incident, it was truly such a special moment:)

Ethan is officially a swimmer, though his confidence hasn’t caught up with him yet. He will swim circles around the spa, but is too scared to swim solo in the pool.

He is much more interested in playing with other kids now. When he’s with other kids his age he gets pretty silly. He loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Cat and the Hat and most recently Veggie Tales.

He watched The Wizard of Oz with Jarrod a few weeks ago and loved that too. He has been reciting very specific parts of the movie to us, his memorization is incredible.

So long for now….

Ethan 21 Months and the month of October.

Well, I’m a few days late on Ethan’s monthly update. That would be because things have been busy around here!

A week and a half ago we flew up to Sacramento, dropped Ethan off with grandma and grandpa and drove up to Napa to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. We had a really fun time! Napa wasn’t everything I thought it would be, but it was still a nice trip and we will be back. How can you go wrong with wine tasting right?!

We stayed at Vino Bello, which was OK, but I probably wouldn’t stay at again. They tote themselves as a 4 star, but I would describe the resort as an upgraded Holiday Inn.

We hired Napa Bee Driven. They are a company that drives your car around for you rather than renting a limo or going in a shuttle. I would highly recommend them! Our driver was great and very knowledgeable. Their rates are much more reasonable than renting a limo.

The first night we were there we splurged and went to dinner at La Toque, it was very good, but probably only somewhere we would go once. On our wine tour we went to Mumm’s, Del Dotto and Rubicon.

So enough about us… What has Ethan been up to? Well, he did great on our flights to and from Sacramento, it was his fifth flight.

And, he has really been wanting to use the potty. We bought a seat to go onto the toilet and he (in so many words) tells me he wants to go potty. I put him on the toilet and he will literally sit there for 20 minutes, probably longer if I let him. The last time he sat there, he grabbed toilet paper and tried to wipe in the front and back (sorry if that’s too much information). The things they pick up!

Today in the bath he told me “pee pee” while he held his bottom. He wanted to sit on the potty. He’s cried wolf to me too many times for me to know that he really didn’t need to go potty. He just wanted to sit there to try. Poor guy, I hope he’s able to figure it out soon!

He has a book called “Potty”. I caught him reading it today and it was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. As he turned the pages he was reading (from memory and pictures). “Bye Bye Diaper” and “Hooray” which were pages in the book. I’ll have to try and get it on video.

We took Ethan to the pumpkin patch a couple of weeks ago. That was quite the experience. Ethan was so overwhelmed with all the activity there that we had several meltdowns. He would go from really excited to really distraught in the blink of an eye. Overall he had a good time though. When we download the pictures from our camera, I’ll post some.

He went on a carousel and on a horse.  On the horse he looked pretty confident and really excited…. until the horse started to move. It was so sad. His little lip went down and then he started balling. Needless to say he was removed from the horse as soon as possible.

Yesterday was Halloween and his school had a carnival and parade. He was a dinosaur, and got to go to school in his costume. There were definitely some tears about putting it on, but he did it and he looked adorable. When we got to school and he saw all his friends in costume he was pretty excited. He kept on saying Halloween and Trick or Treat. His day at school was pretty fun filled so we decided not to take him trick or treating. I felt bad but he’s still so little and by the time we got home and finished dinner it was already 7:30. Plus, I had to make a grocery store run on the way home so you can imagine how excited he was about that :).

Ethan has been putting lots of words together. 2 and sometimes 3 words for the most part. My favorite phrase of all is “open it”. He sounds so cute saying it. He also says “I love you”. Not voluntarily, but he will repeat it if you say it.

We bought Ethan play doh this weekend and he LOVES it!!! If you have a 21 month old and don’t already have it, it’s a must have item. It will keep them occupied for 45 minutes (that’s a really long time in our house). We also bought him a table and chairs that are his size. We are hoping to set up more of a Montessori environment in our home within the next couple of weeks. We have way too many toys around here and a lot of them aren’t “Montessori approved”.

One more update. Ethan is missing 4 teeth, plus his molars. I think they will soon be making an appearance because he has been drooling like crazy and seems to be in pain. Please wish us luck!

Ethan 15 months

As can be expected it’s been an eventful month in our household! It doesn’t seem possible but Ethan keeps getting busier and busier! He is so much fun to watch and is constantly learning something new everyday! His newest cutest word is “kitty cat”. If you weren’t his mom you would have no idea what he was saying but it is SO CUTE! He is still saying thank you, saying mom-ma, over and over again, and pointing me out in photos. It melts my heart.

Where ever we may be walking; down the street, the grocery store, when he passes people he blows them kisses. He is such a sweet natured little guy. My mom and step-dad came to Long Beach cinco de Mayo weekend, and we left for a friend’s wedding in Cabo. It was such a nice break! It was such a weird feeling to not have the responsibility of our baby guy for 5 days.(I know I sound like a mean mommy, but it was a nice rest, and I got to appreciate him even more when we returned). He was in great hands! My mom and step-dad really enjoyed their time with him. Granny was a good influence as she got him accustomed to working on a mat with his toys and got him to bed at 7:30 every night. We were putting him to sleep after 9 before our trip, and a couple weeks later are putting him to sleep at 8:00-8:30.

While my mom was visiting I had her look into schools for me. She owns a Montessori school in the Sacramento area, so there is no one more qualified to do that. She was really disappointed in the options in Long Beach. She visited a Montessori school in Huntington Beach, that she really liked. We really liked it too when we did a followup visit after she left.

I really want to give Ethan the best, so we are really considering making the drive and paying the extra money. It’ll tack on a lot of extra time everyday but I think it will be worth it.

My son is a daredevil! While my mom was visiting he climbed on the weight bench behind our couch and did a somersault for the first time. Today he did it probably 20 times in a row. Jarrod got a video of it, which is HILARIOUS! The video is 8 minutes long and it’s just him doing a somersault, climing off the couch, running back behind the couch and doing it all over again. As soon as he loads it on his computer I’ll post a link.

Last weekend we did a trip to Mill Valley in the Bay area. We visited our family there who have a son that is just 2 months older than Ethan. The two got along really well! It was so cute to see their interaction and parallel play.  Ethan was a champ on the plane. A little restless at first on both flights, but the people sitting in front of us told us that they didn’t know he was there. On our flight home it was really cute. There were a few people that recognized Ethan as the little guy blowing kisses to everyone as we got off the plane when we arrived in Oakland. He made several friends in the shuttle to get the rental car too 🙂

Product recommendation. We had purchased the Kelty Kids Backpack for our Portugal trip. Jarrod liked it, but it was way too heavy for me to carry. We exchanged it for the Ergo Baby carrier at REI. And I am so glad that we did. It’s really lightweight and makes it easy to carry your little one/ not so little one. It goes up to 45 lbs I believe.

Surprisingly no new teeth yet, though I think he’s been teething for the past couple of weeks, and expect some new ones to pop up soon. I think Ethan has finally cracked the 22 lb mark. He is still fitting pretty well in his 12 month clothes, though I think we’ll be making the transition to 18 month soon.

We got Ethan some really cute, comfortable looking shoes, see kai run. I would definitely recommend them for his age. I’ve had trouble finding him good shoes. I picked them up at Meggie Lou and Brother’s Too, In Long Beach. The lady there, is very helpful and knows a lot about all the brands.

Ethan is unfortunately in a biting stage. He got mad at me the other day and bit my finger 😦 Not loving this stage. He may have gotten it from another boy at daycare who bit his forehead earlier that day….

Baby Ethan – 5 months

Ethan is growing way too fast! He’s been such a joy and I can’t picture my life without him. Since my last post he’s rolled over a couple of times. He is getting so strong. He’s really starting to figure out his toys, jumper etc. He jumps like crazy now in his jumper and knows how to move/pull his toys to make noise. He is much more alert and aware of things going on around him.

He’s been saying ‘mama’. He is definitely not referring to me when he says it, but says that sound over and over. I love it! He does a ‘fake cough’ when he wants attention. He definitely knows how to work his dad and I.

We’ve introduced rice cereal which he eats pretty well. I have the baby food book from Williams & Sonoma, so I’ll probably start making some baby food soon.

Ethan is really easy to take places. He loves getting in the baby bjorn and just takes everything in around him. At restaurants he isn’t happy sitting in his carseat anymore (for the most part) so he’ll sit on my lap. He really likes to be a part of things.

We took him to Bass Lake for the 4th of July last weekend. He pretty much slept the whole way there and back (with a short stop half way to feed him). The drive was about 6 hours. He was in such a great mood all weekend. We had a big group of people with us there and he was quite content moving from arm to arm. He got to spend lots of quality time with his grandma, grandpas and uncles. He watched his first fireworks show which was absolutely adorable! He watched intently for most of the show. He nodded off right before the grand finale, but woke up from the noise to watch the end of the show.

I’m hoping he stays this mellow as we booked tickets for Portugal in September. I’m sure it will be interesting but I know we’ll make it work. I have family near Lisbon so I’m sure they’ll be a big help once we get there. We have an appointment on Tuesday to get his passport. I can’t wait to get it 🙂 I know it will be so cute!

We bought a pop up tent for him for the beach. It’s perfect. It sets up quickly and he enjoys hanging out in there. They say you shouldn’t use sunscreen until they are 6 months, so it’s a good way to keep him shaded.  We are heading to Santa Cruz at the end of the month, so I’m sure we’ll use it the whole time we’re there.

That’s all for now. Will update again soon.