Ethan 18 months!

18 months - Glasses

It’s hard to believe that Ethan is 1 1/2 today! Marking today was Ethan’s last day at daycare, it was really bittersweet. The ladies there are so sweet to him, and I know so special to him.

When I came to pick him up, he cried, didn’t want me to hold him and reached out to both of the ladies. He was really upset to leave. It was almost as if he realized that it was his last day. As hard as it was, I know that it’s the best thing for him. He’s going to learn so much at his new school and love it just as much.

In preparation for his new school I bought him a new backpack, lunch box and accessories. I got the cutest set from my favorite place, It’s by Crocodile Creek and it’s got a Stegosaurus on it.

It’s going to be new for me to pack him a lunch everyday. I went grocery shopping a couple of days ago for some lunch goodies. Here’s what I have in mind so far (obviously not all on the same day 🙂 ).

Sliced apples



String Cheese


Chicken Breast

Turkey Meatballs

Orange slices

Hummus and veggies to dip in it

Edamame beans

Green beans

Chicken spring rolls


Pita Shell, and put some meat cheese and tomato’s inside

Tomatos (he is obsessed with them right now)

New developments:

Ethan is an animal lover! Today’s new word was shark. He also imitates’s the alligator by chomping his arms together. We read one of his many animal books earlier, which is falling apart from him reading it so much. He had ripped off the last page of the book, and turned to that page and put his arms up in the air like “what happened?”.

As far as tricks go, his latest trick is messing with the buttons on the dishwasher. I did a load a couple days ago on “rinse only” because someone had turned the knob… I wasn’t too excited when I used the vegetable peeler and realized that it hadn’t been cleaned with soap and there was a plate that had raw chicken on it inside.

Just a few minutes ago, I realized the dishwasher was on, and I didn’t turn it on… I went in the kitchen and it was on “upper rack wash” only with no soap in the dishwasher. I’m going to have to watch the little bugger a little more closely.


June 5th 2011

This weekend we went to Lake Arrowhead with my dad and his girlfriend, and her family. Lake Arrowhead is a really beautiful area, we had never been there before. While we were there Ethan grabbed a banana off the counter and said, nana, I had no idea that he knew that word. It was really cute. Another new word this week is bottle. He rolls his tongue on the ‘t’s’.

I mentioned his comprehension in my last post, it’s getting better and better by the day. Jarrod hid a fish under the couch that Ethan had been playing with that was really small. He mentioned to me that the fish was under the couch and the next thing we knew, Ethan was on hands and knees looking for it under there. I guess we’re going to have to be really careful about what we say now.

I mentioned that he had been somersaulting from the back of the couch onto the couch. Today the little daredevil climbed up to the top of the couch and jumped off the back onto the ground. Luckily Jarrod was able to catch him. Hopefully he doesn’t try that again when we’re not around to catch him!

We have taken Ethan to sushi quite a bit, but today he had his first sushi roll. He made the biggest mess with it but really enjoyed it!

We also purchased the ibert child bicycle seat this week and took Ethan on his first bike ride. He really seemed to like it. It will be a nice way for us to get some exercise and enjoy the beautiful Long Beach summer weather.

Jarrod and I are starting a 3 series cooking class tomorrow at Prep Kitchen in Seal Beach. I’m really excited and hope that we pick up some good tips that we can use in our daily cooking. Other than that, it should be a pretty uneventful week which will be nice.