19 1/2 months September 13

Here are some cute things Ethan has done this week

1.He waves his hands at imaginary flies. It’s that time of year again when the flies are everywhere! The past few days I’ve been swatting fly’s with my arms. Ethan doesn’t realize what I’m doing, so he will just randomly wave his arms around in the funniest motion thinking it’s something normal that people do.

2. A couple of days ago we were reading a book that showed a cow eating corn, Ethan ran into the kitchen and started saying “corn” “corn”. We didn’t have any and I felt bad, he started crying because he REALLY wanted some.

3.  He says 95% of the sounds of the alphabet and he recognizes some letters.

4. It’s football season and Ethan loves it. He holds a football during the games and he slept with one the other night. When I came in to wake him up in the morning, he woke up, picked up the football and threw it to me. He calls the football apball.

5. We finally took his crib apart and made it a big boy bed. He’s doing great in it and hasn’t been getting out once he’s in.

I took Ethan to get some shots today, he’s a little bit behind on them because I’ve been doing an alternative vaccination method. He weighs 25 lbs and is 32″ tall. He was a little trooper and got a lollypop for his efforts.

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June 22 – Ethan 16 Months – Week 3

Jarrod and I have been contemplating schools for Ethan for the past couple of months and have finally made a decision. We are enrolling him at a Montessori in Huntington Beach August 1st. We couldn’t be more excited! Like I’ve mentioned in the past we really like his daycare, but we feel he is ready for more of a ‘school’ environment where he can be challenged and learn to be independent. I’ve been used to the daycare feeding him everyday so anyone with lunch ideas for a 1 1/2 year old, I’m all ears.

I was out of town for a friend’s bachelorette last weekend on Friday and Saturday night. Jarrod and Ethan got a long just fine without me 🙂 While I was there, Jarrod sent me a video of Ethan going down the slide at the park.. This was sort of a big deal for us as it was the first time he climbed up there by himself and went down with no assistance. Not only did he go down on his bottom, but he went down face first on his tummy and every other way you could think of. I’m telling you, this kid has no fear!

Today Ethan has had a really runny nose, sneezes and cough. I’m hoping it’s allergies or teething, but I’m starting to think it might be a cold 😦  We took him to the farmers market and it wasn’t the best trip there we’ve ever had. He pretty much cried the entire time.

We took Ethan to the beach yesterday with a picnic. We stopped by Aroma di Roma on the way home and got him his first gelato. He LOVED it!!! It was so cute (and a giant mess) but it was worth it! He went immediately into the bath when he finished. We are looking forward to being in town this weekend (finally!) so hopefully there will be some more beach time. The weekend after we are heading to Fresno and Bass Lake for the 4th of July weekend.

Don’t know if I mentioned it but Ethan has 1 more tooth for a total of 8 now. His gums look pretty tender so I’m sure there are more on the way soon. He still weighs about 23 1/2 pounds. We are going to the Dr. on July 8th so I should find out what percentile weight/height he falls into.

14 month old baby boy

Today is Ethan’s 14 month birthday! He is really trying to figure out the world, how we react to tantrums etc. The last couple of days have been full of tantrums. It’s hard to know what to do about them. Today I chose to ignore them, hopefully that’s the right thing to do.

Ethan is getting around really well now. This morning I went up to him with clothes and fresh diaper to change him and he ran away from me. It took me a little while to catch him. When I tried to pick him up, his arms went limp. He is extremely independent and doesn’t like being restricted.

He has also become really difficult to take to restaurants. I avoid it if at all possible. He doesn’t last too long in the high chair before having a full on tantrum. Toys aren’t worth the hassle to bring, because as soon as he has them in his hand, he throws them. Then I spend the rest of the meal picking them up.

On a more positive note, he really is so adorable. He is constantly cracking Jarrod and I up. He is talking jiberish like crazy, very observant and copies everything we do. He has been putting my cell phone up to his ear and points the remote at the TV. He loves when he gets the channel to change. His grandma watched him over the weekend and he was perfect for her. I think he just likes to give us a harder time than anyone else.

If you ask Ethan what the letter “T” says, he will say “ta”. He was doing this a couple of weeks ago, but is really doing it on command now. He will also do all of the following if you ask him to; blow kisses, clap his hands, nod his head yes and dance. He LOVES to dance. He also points at dogs and calls them by name.