Ethan 19 weeks

I am extremely blessed and I love being a mom. Ethan is such a sweet, happy and mellow baby. He is happy about 95% of the time. A couple of weeks ago he started standing and for about a week he was blowing raspberries (he’s not interested in them anymore). His bedtime is about 8:00 or 8:30 and he still sleeps through the night. He slept in for me today until 9:30 am (which was awesome since it’s Sunday!). He must be having a growth spurt as he is napping again as I type.

He has been grabbing everything and is finally ‘interacting’ with his toys. He gets easily frustrated with them if they don’t move where he wants them to move. His hand eye coordination is not perfect quite yet 🙂 He weighed 14 lbs 3 oz at his last Dr.’s appt. ( 4 month visit). He had another trip to Fresno for Grandma’s retirement. He slept the whole way to and from.

Jarrod still doesn’t want him in daycare, so we’ve delayed enrolling him again. Jarrod thinks maybe we’ll start him in September as he enjoys Ethan’s company and is able to get work done too. Ethan’s been with a babysitter a few times now. He seems to be fine with it. We have him around a lot of different people all the time, so I think he’s used to it.

Ethan ate his first real food a couple of days ago. Avocado and rice cereal. He seemed to like it. It was so cute to see him experience ‘real’ food for the first time.

We booked a trip to Portugal for September, Ethan’s first international trip, which will be amazing! I’m a little nervous but I’m sure everything will work out fine. We just requested his birth certificate so that we can apply for his passport 🙂 He’s going to be a world traveller like mom and dad.

As for me, I’m almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I’m at 124 and was at 121 before I got pregnant. I’ve been counting calories and it’s been working. My goal is 1300 calories per day. It’s hard but the results make it worth it. Even though I’m almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight,  I don’t think my body will ever be the same. My clothes still fit pretty tight so I think my hips widened and aren’t going back.